Work with us at Nox Rentals

We’re always looking for talented & fun people to join our team. So why would you want to join Nox Rentals?

Culture is the #1 most important thing in our business. We use it to govern everything we do, who we hire, how we communicate and much more.

We live by our Core Values:

  • We shoot straight
    • Honesty is the best (and only) policy. No hidden agendas. No sugar coating bad news. No “sales tactics” on guests.
  • We’re at your service
    • Our mission is to make sure that guests have the best possible experience of Cape Town. And that owners have the best possible experience of home ownership.
  • We’re getting better
    • Our company is a work in progress. We are continually trying to improve our systems, our processes and our services. We like to innovate rather than to react.
  • We’re a family
    • We work hard and we spend a lot of time at the office. Colleagues are much more than just people you spend a few hours a week with. We do our best to make sure that the team is happy and growing, both collectively and individually.
  • We’re having a jol (South African for having fun)
    • Life is too short not to have some fun wherever you can find it. Our work can be stressful, and being professional is top of our agenda, but we try to keep it light hearted.
  • We give back
    • Business is about more that just maximising the bottom line or earning a pay-check and going home. We want our business to reflect that and to be a small part of making a better world.

If that sounds like an environment that you’d like to contribute to then contact us or send a CV (including a few interesting things about yourself) to

Some other great benefits about working here:

  • We’re about results! You decide when you arrive and leave the office, and how you do your best work
  • Monthly salary and company benefits (retirement annuity; life & disability cover)
  • Work in the beautiful suburb of Camps Bay and have a desk with a sea view
  • Wear jeans to work
  • Our team is one big family
  • Monthly social events – Nox Nights!


Current Vacancies


Hosts are responsible for a range of activities in a selection of Nox Properties, allocated in a specific area. In addition to working alongside the housekeepers to ensure that the properties are always in an arrival ready state, the host will perform deep cleaning, property, housekeeping standards and service inspections, to ensure that all specific guest / and or owner requests are met.

No formal education is needed, but experience in the industry as well as industry related courses will prove favourable. A Host must be able to handle many duties, should be excellent communicators, and the ability to speak a language other than English is a plus.

Own transport is essential (as is a valid driver’s license)

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Responsibilities include, but not limited to:

  • being responsible for up to 15 properties in a select area of the nox portfolio
  • preparing and inspecting properties for guest arrivals according to Housekeeping and Property readiness standards
  • recording and follow up on maintenance related tasks and activities within the portfolio
  • meeting and greeting guests
  • remaining a point of contact for guests before arrival, during occupancy and (in select cases) also after departure.
  • Monitoring and reporting on housekeeper performance
  • training and assisting housekeeping staff as guided by superiors
  • performing regular property inspections outside of guest arrivals
  • examine rooms prior to guests arriving (conduct pre arrival inspections)
  • conduct departure inspections to assess damages / reporting damages to PROs and the service administration team
  • maintaining housekeeping standards
  • perform basic maintenance and logging of larger maintenance tasks in the selected systems. Work alongside the PRO to ensure that these tasks are cleared.
  • Oversee project works / external suppliers alongside your PRO
  • troubleshooting, wifi / DSTV / audio visual electronic as and when required
  • counting linens, take part in controlling inventories, deliver amenities as host /stock requires
  • help clean rooms as needed
  • routined stock control
  • Set up, staging and Seasonalization of the properties

Shift work
A Host functions as a Guest Concierge who works in an on-call, out on the road type environment. Adaptability, punctuality, perfectionism and active communication are vital with the execution of this role. In order to actively plan necessary down-time, Hosts work a 4 day on, 2 day off cycle.
All time off in lieu with respect to public holidays, weekends and overtime are accounted for in this cycle.

When on call:

  • Hosts are expected to work regular hours, and be on call and accessible for after hours work when shifted.
  • Unless otherwise expected to, Hosts are free to manage their own working days. Daily arrival and departure reports will be sent out to assist Hosts in planning their daily movements.
  • Hosts are expected to stay in constant communication with their Senior Hosts and Pros
  • At Nox, the work culture and work ethic is results oriented. Whilst Nox provides the required tools to ensure that the work gets done, Staff are not micromanaged throughout the course of their day. Performance is regularly monitored and Hosts will be held accountable for all areas where they are not meeting protocol, where standards drop or where systems are not being adhered to.
  • Hosts are provided with a company cell phone, which they will keep on and man during their on call days. During off days, this on call phone will be handed over to the senior Host of the dedicated Portfolio to run with until such time as the shift pattern changes back to ‘on call’
  • All hosts will be reimbursed for work kms at the SARS rate

Succession Plan & Growth Opportunities
There are three levels of Hosts. Entry level roles are referred to as ‘Junior‘ Hosts. Once experience is gained, a Host is moved to a ‘Mid level’ Host. The highest ranking Host is that of ‘senior’, where the Host’s experience and time in the role allows for expansion of responsibility.

Junior Hosts

The entry level/beginning of a host career within the Nox Portfolio,
portfolio size: anywhere from 10 – 15 properties,
Responsibilities include but not limited to: all logistics (housekeeping inspector level, assist and guidance of housekeepers within their portfolio) prioritizing guests (their needs, complaints etc) and getting the properties arrival ready and maintained to the highest standards.
REPORTING TO: Senior Host/Housekeeping Manager

Mid level Hosts

To qualify for this level, this Host should have previous training (either within Nox or in a Tourism Guest Facing role), tertiary qualifications or similar in either customer service, hospitality, junior level management skills
In order to progress from Junior to Mid, these hosts would need to demonstrate meticulous and dedicated running of their properties as well as their housekeepers; demonstrate that they are equipped to deal with slightly higher maintenance type properties within the portfolio; be solutions driven; and have completed a selection of customer service training courses (to be defined).
Portfolio size: anywhere from 10 – 15 properties (higher valued, higher maintenance type properties)
Responsibilities include but not limited to: all logistics (housekeeping inspector level, assist and guidance of housekeepers within their portfolio) prioritizing guests (their needs, complaints etc) and getting the properties arrival ready and maintained to the highest standards.
REPORTING TO: Senior Host/Housekeeping Manager

SNR level Hosts

These hosts would gear up to running the more complex properties within the portfolio; be an escalation person for Jnr and Mid level hosts; have an extended knowledge base of all properties in order to oversee the whole portfolio of their Allocation. As such, a senior host does not have a dedicated Portfolio, but oversees the Jnr and Mid levels hosts within their Allocated PRO portfolio. These Hosts step in when their Hosts have down time, and assist PROs and the service administrators where guest concerns require escalation.
As per previous description, these Hosts have to demonstrate exceptional customer service skills; take on higher level escalated customer service tasks (when on duty); have a strong oversight of the way in which the Hosts are running their portfolios within their allocation; assist PROs in partner relations when required; take on a senior and advisory role for the Jnr/Mid level hosts within the allocated portfolio and report directly into the Housekeeping/Host Manager with regards to arrival preparation logistics.
This level of Host plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the teams within the allocated portfolio adhere to the highest level of property standards, remain guest centric, solutions driven and dedicated to ensuring that the applicable company systems are in use. They are responsible for ensuring that the teams are aligned with the core values and always strive to find ways to improve upon Nox Service levels and execution of tasks. Senior Hosts are the trend setters of the business and role models to their peers.
REPORTING TO: Host/Housekeeping Manager