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Cape Town accommodation specials

Winter is generally seen as the slow season in the Mother City, so it is a great time to find Cape Town accommodation specials. However, it is not the only time when you can save on luxury accommodation.

Get school holiday savvy

The South African school holidays usually go hand in hand with peak season rates, so visitors looking for special prices will be well advised to steer clear from these holiday periods.

Visit to check out when the schools are closed in South Africa so that you can plan your holiday accordingly.

Who seeks will find

Search for accommodation specials and you will find them! Some establishments may be experiencing low occupancy and will therefore advertise a special to boost booking figures.

New accommodation options usually also have launch specials to attract visitors.

Keep your options open

You may only be looking at accommodation options for two people, but do look further because some establishments that can accommodate more guests may be more than willing to rent out to two people at a special rate.

This is where you are likely to save on luxury accommodation. Luxury vacation villas are often let to only two guests, even if they can accommodate more, because business is business: a three-bedroomed villa let to two people is still better than an empty three-bedroomed villa with no guests!

Book through the professionals

If you are aware that you are likely to find the best Cape Town accommodation specials by choosing to stay in a luxury vacation rental, it is time to get in touch with a professional letting agency that will have your best interests in mind.

Letting agencies, like Nox Rentals, have a variety of luxury accommodation options to suit your needs and budget. Let them do the homework for you.

Contrary to popular belief, booking your holiday via a letting agency is not necessarily more expensive than booking directly with an establishment’s owner. It could actually save you more when booking through an agency, because they have access to industry specials which are passed on to clients.

Get added value through letting agencies

Letting agencies such as Nox Rentals offer additional services to make travelling easier for clients. Full concierge services can be made available so that the traveller can access all the services normally offered by hotels.

Airport transfers and car rental can be arranged and letting agencies can help you book and plan excursions and give advice that will make your holiday a memorable one.

Clients can even request that their luxury holiday rental’s fridge is stocked and that a caterer comes out to prepare special meals in the vacation rental’s kitchen.

The services of a good letting agency will never let you down and you will be the first to know of any Cape Town accommodation specials.

Browse the Nox Rentals specials page for some super Cape Town accommodation specials on luxury apartments & villas.