Gourmet Boerie – a Nox recommendation

Local is so much more lekker! Especially when the concept of the ‘hot dog’ goes traditional South African Boerewors!

Gourmet Boerie

Trendy Kloof Street has yet another treat in store for anyone looking to enjoy a South African staple with a modern twist! Not that you’d think it possible, but there’s a very strong chance that your favourite Pizza toppings might suddenly appear in front of you in a hotdog roll! And might we add-these aren’t just ‘any’ hot dog rolls.

You get to choose your roll AND you get to choose the ‘Boerie’ to go with it… confused? Let’s clear this up…

Step 1:

Walk straight up to the counter and choose your ‘Boerie’ – your choices of meat include Traditional, Lamb, Chicken, Beef and Ostrich. Your Roll can be either white, wholegrain or rye….  (and you thought it wasn’t going to be fun!)


Step 2:

Take a seat at one of the fantastic communal benches and wait for your Boerie to arrive. Make sure to grab a knife and fork (unless you’d prefer to be brave and eat by hand… warning: these rolls are filled to the brim!)


Step 3:

Order a draft from the bar. You’ve come this far, and there really is nothing quite like a beer and a boerie! When in ‘Rome’…

Boerie Bench

Step 4:

Browse the menu and choose your Boerie for your next visit – we’re pretty confident that you will be going back.

Boerie Menu

Step 5:

You’ve watched enough Boerie’s fly past you and towards other people and then suddenly yours arrives! AND it features Avo and Bacon (need we say more!?) Soon you will fall into silence with the rest of the impressed Boerie customers! Note: Everything comes with a side order; there’s just nothing like a french fry (or chip)


And that, as they say, is that!! The fastest, most impressive way to enjoy a traditional South African delicacy with a sensational twist.

It’s time. You need to go!

Map Gourmet Boerie