Cape Town’s Hidden Gems – Part 1

There are so many great things to do in Cape Town and some of them are not spoken about enough. Keep on reading to find out about some incredible secret places the Cape has. If you don’t live in Cape Town these are places we suggest you try visit.

Cape Town Magic Club


Cape Town Magic Club

As a company we visited the Cape Town Magic Club in August 2016. It is a truly magical experience. The venue is hidden away in the Taj Hotel in the centre of Cape Town. The intimate theatre is where you can see some of South Africa’s best magicians perform up close and personal. There is a small and cosy bar where you wait to be taken through for the show. Here you can mingle with other guests and performers while enjoying a wide selection of beers, wine and cocktails.

Once in the theatre the host of the evening has a little chat and gives you some laughs after which the acts are introduced. The magicians invite the crowd to participate and because the theatre is small you can see everything so there is nothing left to the imagination.
You will definitely leave this theatre believing magic is real!

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Underground tunnels


Cape Town Underground Tunnels

This is one of Cape Town’s lesser known tours but is one not to be missed. The tour runs from the Cape of Good Hope Castle in the City centre which is another great tour on it’s own. Some of the tunnels date all the way back to 1652. These tunnels have streams of natural spring water which runs down from Table Mountain and other springs to the ocean. You enter the tunnels through a manhole from the Castle of Good Hope into total darkness. Your guides have great knowledge of the tunnels and their history and take you on a journey from centuries ago. These streams of water were once used to feed the city of Cape Town and it’s travellers who were stopping over.
To find out more and book your tour visit the website here.

Hint Hunt


Hint hunt

This great game is located in Woodstock’s Old Biscuit Mill market in Cape Town and is great fun for families and friends. You are put into teams of preferably 3-5 people and locked in a small room. At this point you are given directs from a screen by one of the Hint Hunt staff. Your goal is to get out of the room in under an hour solving clues and puzzles together. The staff at Hint Hunt guide you through this great game and celebrations are definitely to be had once you get out. At the moment the game has 4 games all at different levels of difficulty. If you like a mystery and some adventure this is definitely something to do while you are in Cape Town. To book now and read up more about this great game visit their website here.

I hope you enjoyed reading Part 1 of our Hidden Gems, keep an eye out for more of these great little secrets Cape Town has to offer.