Level 5 Water Restrictions

Following on our post from July, Cape Town is now in Level 5 Water Restrictions, with no significant rainfall forecast before our so called ‘rainy season’ ends. We are in trouble.



While no laughing matter, this is not a bad idea! Cape Town needs all the resourceful help it can get.

Travelers coming to our shores over the next few months need to be made aware of the situation so they know what to expect. Long showers, relaxing in bathtubs, sundowners in jacuzzi’s – these are all a thing of the past for Capetonians, and tourists need to know that they too should sadly not expect these luxuries on their holiday this year.

To assist where we can, Nox Rentals have emptied out jacuzzi’s and are not topping up pools. In some cases pools will therefore not be operational. We are not alone in this decision and many property management companies following suit. The situation is simply out of our hands.

What does Level 5 Water Restrictions mean to daily living?

  • Only 87 litres to be used per person, per day. Click here to calculate your daily consumption.
    • Considering that an average toilet flush uses 11.5 litres, an average shower (5 mins) uses 38 litres, and a dishwasher uses 38 litres per cycle, this adds up very quickly. Please keep these in mind when doing your normal daily routine:
      • Don’t flush the loo unless 100% necessary
      • Shower for maximum 2 mins; turn the shower water off while washing hair/body (or better – shower with a friend!)
      • Only use dishwasher when completely full, or not at all
      • Don’t wash clothes unnecessarily (Did you know: denim jeans are only meant to be washed twice a year?)
  • Jacuzzi’s and pools may not be operational at all.
    • It takes 1,000’s of litres of water to fill up a jacuzzi and hundreds of thousands to keep a pool topped up. The City of Cape Town calls this an unnecessary use of water and it is now not allowed.
    • Luckily, Cape Town has incredible blue flag beaches, so why not make the most of them this year?
  • Gardens may look a little dreary
    • Watering of gardens is only allowed using non-potable water. Not all villas have this, so many gardens may lose their green during the summer season.
    • Please don’t expect lush greenery, unless you venture out to some of our beautiful forests – more reason to get out and about!

For more information on the Water Restrictions, please contact our team on support@noxrentals.com.