nelson mandela day

Mandela Day 2017 – “We Give Back”

July 18th 2017 was the 9th year of the Nelson Mandela Day initiative. The day was started to commemorate the service Mandela gave to South Africa over his lifetime.

To read up on the history of how this day came about and more visit the website Nelson Mandela Day.

As a country we band together to give back 67 minutes of our time to communities and people less fortunate than ourselves. This year, the Nox Rentals Family decided to help the hungry people we see every day.

We bought loaves of bread, jam, peanut butter, fruit and juice, and transformed our lunch room into a mini kitchen and started with the plan to make 67 lunch packs.

Sandwich making mandela day

At the end of the day we had made over 100 packs to give!

sandwich packs, Nox Family

During the day and at the end of the work day we distributed the packs between us and drove the roads of Cape Town handing out packs to people. There were so many smiles and thanks, even a hug or two!

Happy Mandela Faces