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Name Your Hood – Cape Town

“Name Your Hood” is one of the many new Cape Town community initiatives to keep us locals involved in the development of our Mother City. The campaign has been launched to create more functional and creative names for the areas around the Cape Town city bowl. Piggy backing on how cities like New York and London have developed names such as “Soho”, “Tribeca” and “Chelsea”, the “Name your Hood” team have cornered off two “hoods” in Cape Town.

1. Hood 1 – The area situated around upper Kloof Street, from above Camp Rd, to Kloof Nek, to Hof Street/ Bellevue Street and Molteno.
2. Hood 2 – The area between Buitensingel, Buitengracht street, Long and Strand street.

As South Africa has changed dramatically over the last 16 years, road name changes and city name changes have become so regular that we’ve stopped taking notice. And most citizens will still refer to the names they grew up with. The “Name Your Hood” initiative is not just another name changing performance – “We are all a little tired of that mandate. Rather, it is an unofficial marketing drive to create a much-needed new skin or overlay for the former ‘City Bowl’.”

There are currently 424 names that have been submitted. Amongst the top are:

Hood 1 = Kloof Hill, Racoon City, Lions Hood

Hood 2 = Silent Hill, Saints, Oukaap.

The shortlist will be announced at the end of July 2011.

Come and visit our city and you too could experience the launch of these new “hoods”.

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