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Showing off our best assets

It was a rainy wintery day in Cape Town, but glamour and bikinis pay absolutely no attention to something like cold weather. We had the privilege of hosting the cast and crew of an oh-so-sexy swimwear shoot in one of our breathtaking villas, Azure Tranquillity to be more precise.

Villa Azure from the outside

Tranquillity as it is affectionately known and very aptly so, was the perfect spot for a hot swimwear shoot. As one of the sexiest properties in our portfolio it was not difficult to find great spots to shoot the gorgeous swimwear model in her sexy little bikinis.

The shoot was for Minx Bikini’s New Face Campaign. For those of you who have not heard of this new online gem, you’ll be glad you know when summer comes around. Minx Binkinis is a sexy little online bikini shop with the hottest swimwear in the Mother City!

“MINX the brand is inspired by the sexy, healthy beach lifestyle of Cape Town, South Africa. The friendly people and the cosmopolitan nature of this world class city is infused into each sexy little bikini we make.” Says Bianca Kellaway

The fireplace that kept the team nice and warm

The luxury and exclusivity of the brand was very well paired with Tranquillity and the team got some amazing shots on the day. To see some behind the scenes shots you can check out their website.

If glamorous shoots, luxury locations and sexy little bikini’s are your thing, you may want to enter the MyMinx competition, they are looking for the next South African super model and if you’ve got what it takes you could be doing your thing on the international modeling scene.