Teach a man (or woman) to fish…

On Friday 4 May, Nick Taylor and Richard Marshall (of Nox Rentals) were invited to take a tour of a school with a difference. We visited LEAP 2, a Science and Maths school, serving the communities of Crossroads and Gugulethu. For those of you that don’t know Cape Town, these are very poor areas commonly referred to as townships. The areas are still suffering from the legacy of apartheid, especially when it comes to education.

Richard Marshall and Nick Taylor with their LEAP guides, Noxolo and Nombulelo.

What LEAP does is identify those students that show an aptitude for maths and are willing to work hard (accepting less than 10% of applicants) in the areas they serve and invites them to study at LEAP. They move from the overburdened and underfunded public schooling system, to a school where they are given good facilities, excellent teachers and an environment conducive to learning and growing as a person.

The focus at LEAP is on working hard; not only on academics, but also on social development, morals & ethics. The school week at LEAP is approximately 20 hours longer than that of public schools and it was wonderful to see the enthusiasm and application that the students have for their school work.

To say that we were impressed is an understatement. We were blown away by the school, the staff, but mostly by the students. As a result we have decided to help fund LEAP and we would love you to help us do so. For every new Facebook fan we get in the month of May we will be donating R5 to LEAP Schools.* So please like our page here, and forward this post to your friends so we can make a big difference!

If you would also like to fund them directly you can find all of their details at their website: leapschool.org.za. You will be in good company with other donors including the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, Old Mutual, the Shuttleworth Foundation (and of course, Nox Rentals).

Thank you to everyone at LEAP for such an interesting and inspiring afternoon. With more of these kinds of initiatives the future of South Africa really does look bright!