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Cape Town is  one of the worlds best whale watching destinations because of it’s long coastlines and high vantage points. The best times of the year to see these beautiful creatures is July to December. During these months many different species of whale can be seen off the coasts. These species include Killer Whales, Byrde whales, Humpback whales and the Southern right whale. As well as the whales you’ll get a chance to see dolphins, seals and even penguins. Below are some of the best spots to watch.

whale tail

Cape Town

Cape Town has beautiful coast lines and seaside towns where you can go to see the whales. The whales can be spotted anywhere from the shores of Camps Bay all the way to Simonstown. Two of the higher vantage points in Cape Town are Boyes Drive (between Muizenberg and Kalk Bay) and Cape Point. You might even be lucky enough to be out kayaking and see a pod or even taking a trip on the train. Below is an amazing video of a lucky group of kayakers taken out by Kaskazi Kayaks.

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Hermanus is a seaside town no more than an hour drive from Cape Town and is rated by the WWF as one of the 12 best whale watching destinations. There are lots of tour companies that offer boat tours out to sea to spend time with the whales. Every year this great town hosts the Hermanus Whale Festival from 29 September to 1 October.  This amazing festival appreciates everything whale. Additionally there are all kinds of crafts and delicious foods to be bought. Moreover there are lots of interesting exhibitions. The aim of the festival is to appreciate whales as well as educate people of the importance of caring for the environment. Thousands of people come to this small town to visit the festival and its experiences. You can book accommodation in Hermanus with our sister company Cape Town Villas.

Whale watching Hermanus

As you can see The Cape and its surrounds are a great place to go to see and if you’re lucky, spend time with these amazing ocean dwellers.