Posted on 11/16/2023

How the Camps Bay City Improvement District is Making a Difference for Tourists

Cape Town's Camps Bay neighborhood is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the city. With its stunning beaches, stunning mountain views, and lively nightlife, it's no wonder visitors flock to this area every year. However, as with any tourist hot spot, safety and security can be concerns. This is why the Camps Bay City Improvement District (CID) was formed. The CID was created to help improve the area's safety, cleanliness, and overall appeal for tourists and residents alike. 

Firstly, what is a City Improvement District? A CID is a geographic area in which the property owners contribute toward a fund to finance services or improvements to the area beyond what the municipality provides. In other words, a CID is created to help improve the overall look and feel of an area. The goal of the Camps Bay CID is to provide top-notch services in the city overall, including public safety, cleaning, enhanced public areas, provision of grooming and maintenance of roads, pavements, street furniture, and landscaping.

One of the most significant benefits for tourists is the increased public safety measures implemented by the CID. There has been an increase of crime in the area, and tourists have been victims of theft, mugging, and harassment. The CID has been working closely with the local authorities to promote safety in the area through various initiatives. For instance, the CID runs an extensive CCTV camera network that allows for the quick identification of criminal acts. The CID also provides a 24/7 public safety unit, mobile safety units, a response team, and patrols. All of these measures ensure that tourists visiting Camps Bay feel safe and secure.

Besides increased safety measures, the Camps Bay CID has also been working on enhancing the aesthetic appeal and cleanliness of the area. Thanks to the CID, tourists can enjoy a clean and well-maintained environment in Camps Bay. The CID undertakes several cleaning initiatives, including litter removal, rodent control programs, and maintenance of public gardens and open spaces.

Another project that has been spearheaded by the CID is the improvement and beautification of the Camps Bay beachfront. The CID has installed public toilets, shower facilities, and bike racks to make the area more convenient for tourists. The beautification project also includes the installation of benches and plants along the beachfront, making it more inviting for tourists to sit and relax and take in the stunning views.

In conclusion, Camps Bay is an excellent tourist destination that is continuously improving thanks to the Camps Bay CID's efforts. The CID's various projects, initiatives, and programs are geared towards making the area more attractive, cleaner, safer, and more enjoyable for tourists and residents. Thanks to the CID, tourists can now relax and enjoy all that Camps Bay has to offer without worrying about their safety or the cleanliness of the area. If you're planning a trip to Cape Town, make sure to include Camps Bay in your itinerary and experience the phenomenal beachfront, stunning views, and exciting nightlife while feeling safe and protected.

Visit the Camps Bay CID's website here.

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