Posted on 2/19/2018

JAMMS Session videos - Nox Rentals

What is JAMMS?

JAMMS was a meeting that took place on the 2nd of February 2018. This meeting included members of South African Tourism. Over 600 members of the South African Tourism industry attended this event at the CTICC to discuss the current and ongoing water shortage in Cape Town. Below, please see some videos of the various speakers at the meeting as well as a link to the FAQ's.Some members of the Nox Rentals team attended this meeting and we have been working on creating various solutions to using less water in our rental properties.

Chairperson of Cape Town Tourism and lead Chair of JAMMS, Mr Enver Mally, highlighted that collaboration is critical to beating Day Zero.

Mr Peter Flower, Director of Water & Sanitation at the City of Cape Town, provided valuable context as well as information on Cape Towns water sources and usage areas and emphasized that the only way out of the drought is by driving down the demand and stretching what is left in the dams.

Deputy Mayor, Alderman Ian Neilson said that the City is determined that the water crisis should not also result in an economic crisis.

Western Cape Minister of Economic Opportunities, Mr Alan Winde, emphasized the contribution of the tourism sector to the economy.

CEO of South Africa Tourism, Mr Sisa Ntshona, spoke of the importance of fiercely guarding Cape Town as a destination.

The Q&A session was convened by Cape Talks Africa Melane and covered everything from zoning, to the use of non-potable water, and strategies for tourism businesses to work together.

FAQ Document

If you would like to see information from Nox Rentals regarding the Water shortage and level 6B water restrictions, visit our last Blog here.
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