Posted on 6/22/2015

Luxury holiday villas vs hotels

Let's face it, there is more than one good reason to choose a luxury holiday villa rather than a hotel stay.It has a certain ring to it when you tell your friends you stayed in a luxury villa in Camps Bay during your recent holiday in Cape Town. However, thats not the only reason why it is a good choice to opt for a luxury holiday villa rather than a hotel stay.[caption id="attachment_1692" align="alignnone" width="614"]Seasonsfind The Sunset Seasonsfind - The Sunset in Camps Bay[/caption]

The buck stops here

Money is a motivator for most and according to the Western Cape Tourism Barometer 2011, vacation rentals in Cape Town are on average 60% less expensive than equivalent hotel accommodation. So not only do you get the privacy and additional facilities offered by a luxury holiday villa, you also get it at a good price. It is also preferred by travellers: a Tripadvisor Survey from June 2011 stated that 87% of travellers indicated they would book a holiday rental over a hotel if it were less expensive.

What's the flavour of the day?

Tripadvisor's Annual Vacation Rentals Survey indicates that 36% of travellers stay in a holiday rental for a milestone event. Cape Town Tourism statistics reveal that the self-catering occupancy rates have increased by 5,8% for the month of March 2015 when compared to March 2014. So it seems that luxury holiday villas are gaining in popularity as an accommodation choice for visitors to Cape Town.

Rooms for all

One of the best reasons to choose a luxury holiday villa, is because it is like a luxury home away from home. Kids dont have to camp out in their parents hotel room because a villa offers enough rooms for everyone. In many cases, bedrooms are en suite so no sharing of bathrooms is required. Apart from comfortable bedrooms, most luxury villas offer spacious lounge, dining and television areas where guests can relax in privacy. This also makes it suited to receiving guests in the privacy of your own villa.

More reasons at play

If you need more reasons to choose a luxury holiday villa rather than a hotel stay, consider these... A luxury villa offers a private kitchen, so you can shop like a local and prepare your own meals, if you are so inclined. You dont have to pay a premium for room service and you can stock the fridge with your favourite drinks and treats at locals prices. Your villa will probably offer a private braai (barbeque) area, where you can make a fire and cook your meal like the locals do.[caption id="attachment_1694" align="alignnone" width="614"]Villa Central Villa Central in Camps Bay[/caption]You can launder your own clothes and have space to hang out wet bathing suits and towels without cluttering up your bathroom after enjoying a dip in your villa's private pool.Your villa is serviced, like a hotel room, so you still don't have to make your bed. A cleaner will come in daily to take care of the dishes, clean and tidy up. You will have a private parking area with easy access to your holiday villa. You will have all of this and more, plus you can still make use of the concierge service if you need anything else at all.Staying in a luxury holiday villa provides a shortcut to the best of both worlds in holiday-making. Explorethe luxury holiday villas available through Nox Rentalsto see where your next holiday could take you!
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