Housekeeping Bonus

Last update: 10/12/2019

Housekeeping, cleanliness and upkeep is a fundamental component to the success of a short term rental property. Nox Rentals employ a number of housekeeping staff to assist you with the best possible presentation of your property and we actively include them within the culture of our organisation. We conduct regular training sessions and we handle all performance management, leave and labour relations issues.

  • We pay our housekeepers a market-related rate of R220 / day. They work a 6 day week, effectively making a monthly remuneration of (220 * 6 * 52)/12 = R5,720 / month + VAT.
  • If your housekeeper is shared between your property and another unit, we split the monthly labour charge of R5,720 and allocate a bonus charge of (5,720/2) + VAT = R3,289.
  • Should you feel that your Housekeeper is not deserving of a Christmas bonus, please justify your reasons with Nick Taylor who will address it with the employee concerned.