New Approval Process to Authorise Incurring of Costs

From 1 May we are implementing a new process to authorise incurring of costs in your property. We will be using a new system called ApprovalMax.

You will be receiving an invitation via email from with the subject “Invitation to join ApprovalMax”.

Please accept the invitation.

Going forward, every time we want to incur an expense for your account above a certain threshold (besides repeating costs like utilities, rates, monthly services etc), you will receive an email which you will have to authorise prior to us incurring any expense.

We will be doing our best to ensure that all the correct information is presented to you in that authorisation email. You are also able to comment on those authorisation requests to request more information, approve or decline any expenses.

This will lead to better controls and better communication and will ensure that there are never any surprises on your monthly statements.

The default threshold level will be set at R1,000, but you can request that this is increased or decreased, as you prefer.