Noise Management

Last update: 07/10/2019

The occurrence of noise and civil disturbance is an unfortunate by-product of holiday home letting. Nox Rentals have always taken the approach to prevent and pre-empt situations which may impact the immediate community, and this page outlines how we manage this issue.


  • We assist our Owners with the rental of their properties primarily within the leisure sector of the industry. Our guests that visit us from all parts of the world are generally on holiday and can sometimes entertain in their accommodation. Our policy with regards to functions and events is outlined here:

The problem:

  • Sometimes guests don’t abide by our rules regarding the limit of visitors to the property or the local Council’s guidelines pertaining to noise levels and times.
  • Rowdy guests attract the attention of resident neighbours and the broader community, and can lead to enormous frustration from various bodies, including civic associations as well as Bodies Corporate and Homeowner Associations.
  • Visitors attending larger properties can also disrupt the traffic flows and visitors can sometimes become disobedient within a public environment.

The solution:

  • We try our best to introduce our Hosting & Management teams to the surrounding neighbours, and encourage them to call our team should they see anything which they may not be happy with.
  • Should there be a transgression of our Terms & Conditions, we issue the guests with a warning letter (example here. )
  • We make a concerted effort to identify certain properties which may lend themselves to attracting noise issues. These are typically larger villas which accommodate a number of guests; properties with expansive terraces and deck areas as well as properties which are located within a very urban environment. In these instances, we install sophisticated noise monitoring devices, supplied to us by Noiseaware.


  • For a brief overview of the technology, please view the Noiseaware explainer videos here and here.
  • Our Hosts are assigned to the properties where we have Noiseaware installed and are notified when the pre-set decibel limits are breached. We can then react immediately to the alert and engage with the guests.
  • We highly recommend this solution if you’re concerned about noise disturbance in and around your property and in certain instances we do not make it optional if we’re receiving multiple issues from a property.
  • There is no upfront cost and we pass on the monthly subscription of $18 to our Owners.
  • Please discuss any queries with your PRO.