Effective date: 01/11/2018

The Nox Group offers a fully managed rental solution, offering our partners peace of mind that their properties are being presented in the best possible manner, 365 days a year. In order to achieve our market-leading service we have a range of pricing schedules as follows. Please discuss any pricing queries you may have with your PRO or Nick Taylor.

Management Fees: 20% inc VAT

Service inclusions:

All rental-related activity including the following:

  • Guest, Online & Agency enquiry management and administration
  • Pre-arrival and post-departure inspections
  • 24/7 guest concierge services
  • Management of guest feedback, complaints & queries
  • Hospitality items – tea, coffee, wine, oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, guest welcome packs

Schedule: Billed on each rental.

Our management fees are calculated on the “nett” rate we charge out. Ie; the rate after any 3rd party distribution costs.

Annual retainer: 3 X summer daily rate + VAT

Service inclusions:

All back office & marketing services

  • Professional photography & content management across all platforms
  • Representation at industry trade shows
  • Administration support – payment of property bills; reporting on performance; financials
  • Quality & standards control – inventory management, regular preventative maintenance inspections; consulting services for property improvements & general project management
  • Credit card merchant fees & online distribution costs

Schedule: Billed annually in November.

Housekeeping & laundering: Determined by property size

  • We keep our annual increases in line with inflationary costs. Our primary cost within our Housekeeping Department is the labour element. We pay our Housekeepers in line with daily market rates. This is currently R210 per day, which over a 6 day week remunerates our Housekeeping staff a monthly salary of R5,460.
  • We expect the increase to be up to R225 / day for the forthcoming year, representing a 7% labour increase but we’ve kept our overall increase to our Partners within the CPI range with a maximum of 6.1%.
  • The primary change for the 2018/2019 year is that there will be an additional charge of R270 in the events that a Housekeeper needs to service your property on a Public Holiday or Sunday.
1 R2,800 R2,950 5.4%
2 R3,900 R4,100 5.1%
3 R4,900 R5,200 6.1%
4 R7,400 R7,800 5.4%

Service inclusions:

  • Labour (6 days a week; Monday to Saturday)
  • All labour relations, training, disciplinaries & performance management
  • Staff uniforms & aprons
  • Employee leave management
  • Cleaning chemicals; kitchen cloths & sponges
  • Charlotte Rhys guest toiletries and room sprays
  • Toilet paper

Monthly Service exclusions:

Schedule: Billed monthly.

Maintenance & technical support services: R399 inc VAT per hour

Service inclusions:

  • General property maintenance
    • Painting & waterproofing
    • Electrical
    • Plumbing
    • Access control
    • Security
  • Audiovisual
    • DSTV fault resolutions
    • Internet (ADSL; 3G & Fibre) fault resolutions
    • Configuration of surround sound & property audio

Schedule: Billed per callout, monthly.

“Owner booking” guest relations services: R750 inc VAT per booking

Service inclusions:

  • Pre-arrival administration
    • Collection of guest details
    • Arrival planning – housekeeping preparation; welcome pack
    • Meet and greet at the property
    • 24/7 concierge services
    • Departure inspection

The above fee is only charged where our partners are deriving income from the booking. Partner personal use of the property is not charged.

Schedule: Billed per service, monthly.


  • The Nox Group work on a performance fee basis. From the onset, we aim to provide our partners with a realistic indication of the revenues that can be achieved through the property. Should you not be satisfied with the level of income received, please discuss this with your PRO or Nick Taylor. Unlike other Management Companies, we don’t hold our Owners to lengthy contracts and offer a satisfaction guarantee that if we’re not achieving a “pessimistic” level of income, we refund our management and retainer fees.
  • In reference to the Annual Retainer, we’re not increasing the charges on what was levied in 2017.
  • The broader economy is under severe economic pressure. Our housekeeping staff are facing increases of between 15 and 20% for their transportation into and out of work. There is also widespread inflation on basic foodstuffs and we’re currently paying our staff R5,200 per month (R200 per day for a 6 day week) which will have to be increased in the New Year. We’ve therefore levied between an 8% and 15% increase on our housekeeping charges per the schedule at our website:
  • Please note that we pay our housekeepers a customary 13th cheque. We, therefore, levy a 50% labour charge to our Owners during December (column 1 of the schedule).
  • The above prices will be effective until 31/10/2018.