Rent by Application (“RBA”)

Nox is proud to offer a range of solutions to meet the needs of many different homeowners. After working with hundreds of homeowners over the past 20 years, we understand that there are broadly two types of homeowners;

  • Investor owners; who have purchased the property to generate an ROI and who don’t utilise the property for personal use too much. This group of owners are largely unconcerned about daily rates, who is staying in the property and just want to make sure that the property is marketed and managed professionally.
  • Personal use owners; are owners who have typically held the property either as their primary home whose intentions have now changed and who may have moved elsewhere; or owners who have bought the property and use it throughout the course of the year.

We’ve found that owners of high-value, premium homes typically want to know who is staying, and to have the authority to accept or decline bookings off the back of an application process. Should you wish to set your property up as a “Rent by Application” home, we will remove the property from all of our e-commerce; real-time booking channels and introduce an application step prior to any confirmation being finalised. Nox will present the application through the owner, and only after approval will the booking be confirmed. As with all of our bookings, guests will still be screened and vetted by Superhog and cover for any breakages and damages will be included. More info on that here.

Naturally this additional step, and removal from the “instant book” platforms will lead to a reduction in revenue. We’re unsure of the impact at this stage, but we expect it to be significant and it will obviously vary depending on the owners’ personal appetite for rental income.