Guest Safety During COVID-19 and Beyond

Update: 28 July 2020

As South Africa navigates the spread of COVID-19, some domestic travel is available under strict regulations and international travel remains closed for the foreseeable future. However, this landscape, and the nature of global travel in general, could shift at a moment’s notice. Not surprisingly, like many industries, hospitality has been turned completely upside down by the pandemic.

Many of the facilities and amenities that guests used to relish when looking for hotel accommodation — the pool, spa services, a great restaurant — are now things that may make them wary. These, amongst many others, are reasons to rather book a private villa or apartment for your accommodation needs.

The Nox Rentals team has already built an impeccable reputation around providing the highest standards of private villa accommodation. This has included adhering to the strictest industry criteria in terms of cleaning and hygiene. However, we now recognise the need for visitors to be served an even higher global standard.

Nox Rentals been endorsed by the World Travel & Tourism Council

We are well prepared for the long-term recovery process of the hospitality industry in South Africa. Our cutting-edge hygiene and safety measures, along with our luxurious accommodation, are ready and waiting to welcome guests back to the Mother City.

Guest & Employee Safety Always Comes First

We’ve been monitoring the World Health Organization (WHO) statements regarding the coronavirus closely. Our health and safety measures are designed to address a broad spectrum of viruses, and include everything from hand washing hygiene to cleaning product specifications, and even specialised staff protection. We are also following guidelines from industry professionals, such as Airbnb, on what hygiene measures to put in place.

Personal Protection

Each property has been supplied with 750ml spray bottles of 70% alcohol-based hand sanitizer. This needs to be used by anyone accessing the property, including housekeeping staff, contractors and guests. All employees are also being supplied with face masks.

Thick Bleach Application

Thick bleach will be used when mopping floors (especially tiles), cleaning bathrooms and even a few drops applied in dishwashers when cleaning dishes. It will also be used when disinfecting all white cleaning linens and clothes, as well as white bed linens and towels.

Detergent Application

The appropriate detergents will be used for all wooden floors, handles, taps, towel rails, flushers, remotes, light switches, counters, tables, chairs, doors, appliances, refuse bins and other high-touch surfaces. These will be wiped down daily. These detergents will also be used when disinfecting all colour cleaning linens and clothes, as well as colour bed linens and towels.

Exceeding the Global Standard

Standards of hygiene and cleanliness in our luxury villas and apartments are taken very seriously. Our guests can always rest assured that we are taking the necessary steps to enhance the safety of our properties. We look forward to safely welcoming the world back to the marvel that is Cape Town, once again!