City of Cape Town – Municipal Valuations & Objections

The recent release of property valuations by The City of Cape Town has seen our property valuations increase by an alarming amount. This valuation is used to calculate monthly rates and taxes on each property.

We would like to encourage all our Owners to object to the valuation if you believe that it is unrealistic. These objections must be submitted before 30 April in order to be considered so don’t delay.

When objecting, it is important to add your own estimate and your motivation for the lower valuation. Our Property specialist, Martin Visser, at Nox Property can assist you in this regard by providing you with a free property evaluation to use when objecting.

Objections can be submitted as follows:

  • Online via e-services or email: 21 February – 30 April 2019.

Please note:

  • No late objections will be accepted.
  • Objections must be properly motivated.
  • Submitting objections via the City of Cape Town’s e-services portal is a safe and quick option.

Telephone: 0860 103 089