Water Supply Management

Last update: 25/07/2018

The imposition of Water Management Devices (WMD‘s) by the City of Cape Town since November 2017 has had a severe effect on our guest’s experience in the property, as well as our ability to manage the property in accordance with how we market it.

The issue:

  • Our experience in working with properties that have a WMD installed has taught us that they’re highly temperamental, never seem to supply the full amount of 350 litres and don’t appear to roll over allowances during the course of the month.
  • In addition, the 350 litres still is not enough supply to meet the basic living requirements in properties where there are any more than 7 guests staying.

Nox Rentals’ stance:

  • As of 1 August, 2018, Nox Rentals can not support the management of properties which have WMD’s installed. We believe we’re unable to fulfil our commitment to the highest level of guest service, and the restricted supply does not meet the standards of “luxury” which we aspire to. Some of our Agencies have also volunatrily stopped marketing properties which have water supply issues.
  • We will offer our Partners a 2 week window period following the installation of a device to work with your PRO on a suitable plan going forward. Thereafter, we will close out all future marketing, issue notice of cancellation of the Management Agreement and relocate forward bookings.

The solution:

  • We’ve done our research, and can highly recommend Jacques from Drill Crew for the installation of boreholes in and around the Atlantic Seaboard.
  • We then advise on storage, pump and filtration systems from Oasis Design or Water Earth 
  • The cost estimate for a borehole is around R140,000 and around R60,000 for the filtration systems.
  • We believe that this cost amortised over a period 5 – 10 years, offering protection of your future rental returns as well as adding capital value to your property, is a worthwhile investment.
  • Please discuss any further queries with your PRO.