Jobs at Nox

We are always looking for great talent to join our team: fun people who fit our culture with relevant tourism industry skills and a passion for excellence.

So, why would you want to join Nox?

Culture is the most important thing in our business. We use it to govern everything we do, including who we hire.

We live by our Core Values:

1. We Shoot Straight

Honesty is the best (and only) policy. No hidden agendas. No sugar coating bad news. No “sales tactics” on guests. Our default is transparency.

2. We’re at Your Service

We’re here to take the burden off of our guests and partners. It’s not always fun, and it’s not always convenient, but we do it because it makes the difference.

3. We’re Getting Better

Our company is a work in progress. We are continually trying to improve our systems, our processes and our services. We like to innovate rather than to react.

4. We’re a Great Team

We do our own roles to the best of our ability. But we're also always there to help a teammate out when needed. We look out for each other, care for each other, and work for the team.

5. We’re Having a Jol (“jol” is South African slang for “having fun”)

Life is too short not to have some fun wherever you can find it. Our work can be stressful, and being professional is top of our agenda, but we try to keep it light hearted.

6. We Add value

Making a profit and reaping financial rewards comes from adding value to others. We focus on adding that value and know that (over time) we will be rewarded.

7. We give back

Business is about more than just maximising the bottom line or earning a pay-check and going home. We want our business to reflect that and to be a small part of making a better world.

Some other great benefits of working at Nox:

  • We’re about results! You decide when you arrive and leave the office, and how you do your best work
  • Monthly salary and company benefits (retirement annuity; life and disability cover)
  • Work in the beautiful suburb of Camps Bay and have a desk with a sea view
  • Wear jeans to work
  • We're a great team.
  • Monthly social events – Nox Nights!

Take the First Step

If that sounds like an environment that you’d like to contribute to, contact us or send a CV (including a few interesting things about yourself) to

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