Staff member Julie


Julie grew up in beautiful Namibia and moved to Cape Town in 1999 after her schooling.

She completed her Diploma in Advertising and Marketing which led her to the Stills and Film industry. After 9 years of Production Coordination and Management, she decided to move her career into the Hospitality Industry. She dedicated 4 years of her life in both Namibia and rural Mozambique where she worked as a lodge manager along with her husband.  

Starting a family and the need for a more urban lifestyle, she decided to move back to Cape Town. 

Julie is multilingual which has proven very beneficial in her industry. German, English and Afrikaans as well as a bit of French and Portuguese are part of her skill set. 

Julie is a very organised and hands on individual who likes structure and problem - solving but at the same time, her natural upbringing in Namibia has influenced her down to earth and caring nature. She loves the outdoors and goes camping or for hikes with family and friends on a regular basis.