Eco Nox

In the interests of sustainability, Nox has recently completed a company-wide assessment of how we can improve our contributions toward sustainable initiatives within our own operations as well as in the properties we manage. Our end objective is to have an entirely sustainable, eco-friendly portfolio and over the past few months, we've been learning about what the requirements are, as well as what benefits our property partners can expect to receive.

Our findings are as follows:
  • It's important to follow a roadmap. We're modelling our implementation off global standards, specifically this ten-step model on the VRMB site here.
  • Start with the small things first: recycling; energy-efficient light bulbs; reduction of plastic consumption are just some of the suggestions.
  •'s eye-opening Feb 2022 Sustainability survey (results here) shows that 38% of travellers actively look for sustainability efforts of a property before they book with at least 78% of travellers intending on staying in a sustainable property in the next year.
  • Nox's goal is to have every one of our properties with some form of a sustainability initiative by Summer 2022. We want to give our partners the best chance of getting good quality bookings from guests who support eco homes. The majority of our guests come from Europe, the UK and USA where initiatives like recycling are second nature. Why would they not be looking for a villa which supports their ideologies?

What has Nox done so far?
  • We're piloting a recycling program across 10 properties, and have partnered with Clearer Conscience and I Know A Guy to assist us. We would love all our property partners to support this at the very minimum; there is a small monthly fee of R120 for a weekly pickup and an assessment will be done on whether dedicated bins will be required.
  • We're assessing our properties to assess whether we can layer in renewable energy initiatives.
  • We're offering sustainable locally-manufactured products through our Nox Shop. We've also partnered with 4WKS Coffee to supply eco-friendly coffee.
  • From August, our office will be recycling and we've converted all of our light bulbs to energy-efficient LED bulbs.
  • We're actively choosing biodegradable cleaning chemicals in our housekeeping operations.
  • Our team are carpooling whenever practical to do so.

Would you like to learn more? Here are some useful resources we've come across:
Please get in touch with your PRO if you'd like any more info or if you'd like to sign up to participate in any of our initiatives. We'll actively be presenting our sustainable listings to our distribution partners so they can give them the preferential marketing.