Posted on 7/28/2015

When to visit Cape Town

Discover the best time of year to visit Cape Town, where to stay, which excursions to do, what the weather will be like and what should be on your sightseeing list.Every year on 2 January, during the Cape Town Minstrel Carnival, as many as 13 000 colourfully clad minstrels with a variety of instruments sing a song that lists all the months of the year. Each month holds a certain charm and offers something spectacular for tourists to enjoy. Here is what you can look forward to.

January: some like it hot

And hot it will be in Cape Town - you will enjoy great beach weather.

February: quiet summer time

European visitors come to Cape Town in February for the hot weather without the bother - no sharing the beach with local children because they're all back at school.

March: harvest time

This is a busy month for the South African wine industry. Grapes have sun-ripened and are ready for the picking. Get some sightseeing done while becoming part of this annual ritual - many wineries around Cape Town and the nearby Winelands host harvest festivals to celebrate the bountiful fruit of the vine.

April: mild and wonderful beach weather

Cape Town's notorious South-Easter wind would have subsided and April always offers great school holiday beach weather.

May: gourmet month in Cape Town

The Good Food & Wine Show, held annually in Cape Town in May, hails in gourmet season. It is a great month for all things culinary and many restaurants start offering their special winter menus.

June: first snow on the mountains

The first cold front usually arrives in Cape Town and the beautiful snow-capped mountains can be seen on crystal clear days from the Mother City. The weather is just perfect for finding a spot next to a roaring open fire with a glass of top quality South African red wine.

July: arrival of the whales

Book your whale spotting excursions for July, when the Southern Right whales start appearing along the coastline to calve, mate and display their majestic water acrobatics.

August: spa-month

National Women's Day is celebrated in August and this is the time to find fantastic Spa winter deals in Cape Town.

September: time to braai

Spring is sprung, although Cape Town usually still endures winter temperatures. Heritage Day has been dubbed National Braai Day and takes place on 24 September and this is the perfect opportunity to experience what a real South African braai (barbeque) is all about.

October: the most beautiful month

The cold weather has finally subsided, there are flowers in the fields and on the mountains and this is a great time for breathtaking outdoor excursions.

November: shop 'till you drop

With time tick tacking to Christmas and only a handful of shopping days left, stores and shops buzz with festive season fever.

December: silly season

The silly season is fun and party time in Cape Town. The weather is hot and every night majestic Table Mountain is lit up for a festive mood. Don't miss the festive street lights in Adderley Street and a Christmas Service at St George's Cathedral in town. Be sure to stay near town for the best New Year's parties.Search Nox Rentals for 5 star holiday accommodation to enjoy the best that Cape Town has to offer every month of the year.
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