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Posted on 4/17/2024

Best of the Cape in Winter

Winter in Cape Town unveils a cosy wonderland: think crackling fireplaces, red wine, and toasted marshmallows. From May to August, enjoy quieter attractions and winter deals. Thrill-seekers enjoy optimal surfing conditions, then unwind with hot chocolate at charming cafes. Witness whales from July to September along the coast, and indulge in indoor fun at places like the Clay Cafe or ice skating rinks. Attend local theatre productions or marvel at August's blooming flowers.

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Posted on 4/2/2024

Unforgettable Day Trips with The Ceres Railway Company

The Ceres Railway Company has reopened their steam train day trip to Simons Town. You can now experience two incredible day trips from Cape Town: the Simon's Town and the Elgin Railway Market trips. Passengers can enjoy a nostalgic and scenic journey with onboard amenities like a fully licensed bar and dining car. Explore Simon's Town or the Elgin Valley on these unforgettable rail adventures.

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Posted on 3/26/2024

Unveiling Wesgro's 'With Love from the Locals' Campaign

Wesgro unveils their latest domestic tourism campaign, 'With Love from the Locals', featuring locals from various regions in the Cape sharing personal stories and inviting fellow South Africans to explore the Western Cape. The campaign aims to inspire visitors to go beyond traditional tourist spots and discover the province's rich tapestry of experiences.

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Posted on 3/1/2024

Rent a Convertible & Explore Cape Town's Coast

One of our favourite things to do in Cape Town is rent a convertible car and take a coastal drive to Cape Point. It's such a fun day trip and there are so many things to experience along the way.

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Posted on 1/30/2024

Discovering Mouille Point, Cape Town at its Best!

Mouille Point, located along Cape Town's Atlantic Seaboard, is a treasure trove of attractions. From leisurely strolls on the promenade and picnics in Green Point Urban Park to refreshing swims at Sea Point Swimming Pool and culinary adventures, find out why Mouille Point is the perfect destination for every traveller.

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Posted on 1/16/2024

Trevor Noah and South African Tourism: A Winning Collaboration

Read about the collaboration between the Tourism Business Council of South Africa and Trevor Noah in promoting South African tourism. The campaign video featuring Noah effectively showcases the country's diverse landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and welcoming hospitality. The campaign has received widespread recognition and aims to attract 21 million visitors by 2035.

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Posted on 1/2/2024

Best Places for delicious ice cream in Cape Town

Several top-rated ice cream parlours in Cape Town, each with unique flavours, offerings, and pricing. From the classic feel of Venezia Ice Cream to the plant-based offerings of Ditto Ice Cream & Waffle House, there's something for everyone. Some establishments, like Unframed and Kristen's Kick-Ass Ice Cream, even offer vegan and sugar-free options. Whether you're in the mood for traditional flavors or adventurous concoctions, these spots promise a delightful treat.

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Posted on 12/19/2023

Exploring Cape Town's Hidden Gems: Tidal Pools That Will Leave You in Awe

Explore Cape Town's coastal enchantment in our blog, "Dive into Cape Town's Coastal Magic." Discover hidden tidal pool gems like St. James, Wooley's, Dalebrook, Glencairn, and Windmill Beach. Immerse yourself in crystal-clear waters, picturesque landscapes, and family-friendly retreats. Uncover the city's serene seaside escapes for an unforgettable experience.

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Posted on 12/1/2023

A December Guide to Cape Town

Cape Town is an ideal December destination boasting perfect weather, picturesque beaches, thrilling outdoor adventures, and a rich cultural tapestry. With temperatures between 20-40°C and minimal rainfall, the city offers activities like hiking Table Mountain, surfing at Camps Bay, and exploring cultural landmarks like District Six. From local cuisine to Christmas lights on Adderley Street, Cape Town promises an unforgettable holiday experience.

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Posted on 11/16/2023

How the Camps Bay City Improvement District is Making a Difference for Tourists

The Camps Bay City Improvement District (CID) plays an essential role in maintaining the area's appeal for tourists in Cape Town. Its services include enhanced public safety measures, cleaning initiatives, and beautification projects. The CID ensures a secure and clean environment for tourists, enhancing their overall experience. Their commendable work contributes significantly to making Camps Bay a top-notch tourist destination.

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