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Posted on 11/16/2023

How the Camps Bay City Improvement District is Making a Difference for Tourists

The Camps Bay City Improvement District (CID) plays an essential role in maintaining the area's appeal for tourists in Cape Town. Its services include enhanced public safety measures, cleaning initiatives, and beautification projects. The CID ensures a secure and clean environment for tourists, enhancing their overall experience. Their commendable work contributes significantly to making Camps Bay a top-notch tourist destination.

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Posted on 11/1/2023

A History of Camps Bay

Camps Bay, once a small farm known as Ravensteyn, transformed into a bustling suburb through various ownerships and historical events. Initially a retreat for British Governors, it became an accessible tourist attraction in the 1900s due to tram rides. Subsequent development, albeit slow, was primarily driven by J.R Farquhar and later by Isidore Cohen who purchased almost the entire suburb. Today, Camps Bay remains a popular beachfront tourist destination with breath-taking scenery.

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