We receive numerous requests for accommodation where guests are celebrating special occasions. While we would like you to relax and enjoy your time at the villa, it is important that guests understand our policy on functions or events.

Our intention is not to discourage guests from booking a Nox villa, but rather for guests to understand upfront that many of our properties are in noise-sensitive residential areas, and as Managers of these properties, it is our responsibility to ensure that permanent residents of the area are respected.

Function/Event Guidelines
No birthday parties are to be held at any property unless by prior arrangement with Nox.

One non-paying guest to every paying guest is allowed. If more than this, please request management consent in writing and a pre-disclosed guest list may be requested. We reserve the right to charge guests an additional fee for a security guard to be on-site at the property between 18h00 and 06h00 for the purposes of controlling the number of people on the property, managing noise levels and parking arrangements.

Music needs to be switched off at 22h00 on weekdays and 23h00 on weekends. Nox will notify neighbours in advance should there be a function. Please be aware that neighbours will notify Nox directly should the music not to turned off before these hours and have the right to contact the South African Police Services should functions become unruly.

Should inordinate levels of noise be heard from the property after 22h00 on weekdays or 23h00 on weekends, Nox reserves the right to charge a R10,000 fine to guests which is charged by the Camps Bay Rate Payers Association for public disturbance.

Functions requiring more than two suppliers (caterers, bar equipment, lighting, etc., must be managed by an external event manager.

All suppliers' details are to be disclosed well in advance and access is to be coordinated with Nox. If suppliers are not disclosed prior to the date of arrival, access will not be granted.

Please Feel Free To Contact Us To Discuss Any Function Or Event Requirements With The Nox Reservations Team