Community Safety in Camps Bay & Clifton

What are the major safety issues in our community?
  • Nox Rentals has had many properties affected by burglaries and unwanted intruders over the past 15 years. This leaves a very sad impression on our guests (often foreigners) who are unlikely to return, nor speak positively about their experience in Cape Town.
  • The SAPS and Law Enforcement authorities are severely under-resourced which therefore requires a coordinated effort through various private / public initiatives to maintain a level of safety and physical presence within our neighbourhoods.

How can you contribute towards managing safety and crime in Camps Bay and Clifton?
  • By offering a contribution to the Camps Bay Business Forum (CBBF), which is a non-profit entity with the aim of providing an augmented security solution through a public/private partnership.
  • The CBBF are the sole contributors towards a 24/7 security and safety solution on the Camps Bay beachfront, serving the Clifton, Camps Bay & Bakoven areas. PPA are currently responsible for managing the area.
  • Anything between R1,000 and R2,500 per month will be a significant contribution which will be very much welcomed. Local Hotels are paying R100 / room and most Guest Houses in the region of R750 per month. Please see a recent pledge request by our Chairman, David Raad, here: CBBF Pledge Commitment: 2020Request.
  • Nick Taylor currently serves on the CBBF Committee; feel free to discuss any queries you may have with him.
Various initiatives have been started in the past, and for more information on the overall issue, please download this presentation here (circa 2016): Camps Bay Improvement District.