Staff member Olaf


Olaf grew up in the lovely, picturesque Ceres Valley, where he was born. He is amiable, accommodating, and values family, loyalty and relationships above all. With a great interest in all things motorsport and Formula 1, he also loves the outdoors and enjoys trail running.

He has developed his relationship-building, client-satisfaction, and problem-solving talents during the course of his schooling in marketing, brand, and account management and more than ten years in the advertising and marketing profession. With an entrepreneurial spirit, he also started and successfully ran his own agency in the digital arena. He has recently travelled to and established contacts with nations like Namibia and Mozambique.

His trip through sub-Saharan Africa opened his eyes to Cape Town's beauty and potential as a global powerhouse, and has decided to apply his years of client-focused experience to Nox's successful luxury travel business.