Nox Adventures – The Belly of the Mother City Part 1

Every year before season, the Nox team gets together and has a bit of a pre-season, team bonding event. This time we thought to try something a little different. There are many other cities that have these types of tours and they tell so much about a city’s history, it’s pretty much a must-do event… so what exactly are we talking about? Underground Tunnel Tours!

Believe it or not, there are miles of tunnels underneath the city and the stories behind them are absolutely fascinating! Like Amsterdam has canals, Cape Town too had canals all over the city, bringing fresh water down from the mountain and into the cities. These were later covered and built over, leaving only large underground tunnels (which according to our guides Matt and Dave also hide the odd treasure!)

So there we were, on Thursday afternoon, the only day of the week where Table Mountain was hidden by heavy rain clouds, standing at the majestic entrance of the Cape of Good Hope Castle, marching behind our tour guides who gave us a brief run through of the castle before leading us to an old Artillery room filled with…. helmets. Still hopeful that the the tunnel tour would take place despite the looming rain, we made our way to a small man hole at the very edge of the lawn around the side of the Castle only to find that the fresh water (which usually just trickles down) was now very much a river capable of buckling the ladder which was to take us down into the tunnel….

Ozzie taking a look at the river flowing in the tunnel below

Slightly saddened by the lack of excitement the tunnel tour was going to bring, we made our way up to the magnificent Abaco Villa for a delicious braai prepared by our very own Nick Taylor! Spirits were back to being high and we celebrated the coming of season and are ready to tackle the most exciting time of the year!

The best part of this story is… that there is going to be a part two to this story and the actual hour-long adventure tour is still to take place! Watch this space… this tour is not one to be missed!

To learn more about the tunnel tour, contact Matt Weisse He has done some wonderful tours and has some really great pictures to prove it!

Check out Matt’s National Heritage Tour called Secret Tunnel Adventures.

We can’t wait to see these tunnels for ourselves!