Most beautiful Cape beach spots

So, you find yourself in the beautiful Cape and you are blown away by the view and the white sands of Camps Bay beach… in all honesty, it blows my mind every single day when I drive over the Nek to work.

It’s no wonder really that the Cape Town was awarded ‘Best Beach destination’ by the World Travel Awards in September.  Who knew, but we competed against Bazaruto in Mozambique, Diani Beach, Kenya, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, Zanzibar Island, Tanzania and previous winner, Sharm El Sheikh, in Egypt for the top beach attraction

Grant Pascoe, Mayoral Committee Member for Tourism, Events and Marketing; “Cape Town’s beaches are a huge tourism asset, particularly because they are so diverse. We have family beaches, tidal pools, clear water, challenging surf, endless beaches, tranquil coves – and more. Our beaches a place for relaxation, exercise, discovery and inspiration and so appeal to a wide range of travellers and can offer so much in a single visit.”

And it’s this diversity which got me thinking that I really do need to tell you about my personal favourites – I should add at this stage that I am not a surfer, however two of these favourites are surf havens 😉 just fyi!

My first favourite would have to be Clifton first beach. I’d even settle for 2nd beach, but for the purpose of this informative blog you need to visualise Clifton as one big bay along the Atlantic Seaboard, with four mini coves – ie the beaches. I’ve added a picture to help out. Note the position of the yachts? That’s 4th beach. Difficult to find parking, and usually packed to the brim, this beach is lovely during the week (shame, poor beach. It’s just not the favourite) but rather busy at weekends (and holidays). Don’t panic if you find yourself wondering how to get to 1st or 2nd beach. There are stairs leading down from Victoria Road, just look out for the street signs. Warning: the water she is COLD! You might very well come out numb.

My second favourite would have to be Muizenberg. This is purely due to the fact that the water at Clifton beach is so cold that it’s positively unbearable to take a dip in (then again, I am very sensitive, you might disagree entirely). Muizenberg, if you have done any research, is a beach notorious for Great White sharks. I should possibly have said ‘surf hub’ first – it’s like a chicken or the egg case, surfer… shark… BUT it’s one of the best beaches in the sense that the shark spotters are brilliant and I personally would rather have them on the lookout than not. The water is so much warmer and tolerable to take a refreshing dip in. This is also a beach where our Surf Gurus will take you out for a little surf lesson if you like!

Then lastly… there is Koelbaai (Kogel baai). There’s an actual resort you can stay the night at (camping). This is one of those beach escapes where you want to wake up early and pack a seriously delicious picnic basket, leave home at 9.30 and make a day of it. You will need to head out direction Gordon’s Bay and pass through it until just before Rooi-Els (it’s the R44, just stick to the coastline after Gordons and look out for cars parked along the road, randomly). Again, you will need to take a bit of a walk down to the beach – this is a trend on our coastline I’m afraid to admit) but if you are willing to brave it, take the walk and be absolutely amazed by the beauty of this hidden beach. It’s one of those places where you find yourself taking it all in. It’s majestic and idyllic. And the water is still warmer than Clifton so its swimmable (yip, even cold me took a swim!). We have the most incredible coastline and beaches and just when you think you’ve seen it all you discover little gems like Koelbaai.

As with all beach excursions, you are going to want to pack that sunscreen and those hats. Water, snacks, fruit and the likes are also not a bad idea. You are probably wondering if those guys on the beach selling stuff are safe to buy from… in short – I’d say yes. Take it from a local though, pack your own. They’ll sell you a can of cola (can, beach, sand… really? Not ideal!) So take your bottle, possibly two and go get that tan on!

Happy Beach Time Holiday Makers!