Imizamo Yethu fire 2017

Imizamo Yethu fire relief – “We give back”

On the 4th of March 2017 a devastating fire raged through large parts of the informal settlement of Imizamo Yethu in Hout Bay burning homes to the ground leaving thousands homeless and destitute. Among those affected were 2 of the Nox Rentals family.

AnnieAnnie 2It was with these 2 members of the Nox family in mind that we set about planning our response as a company. Their line manager, Osman, came to work and asked the rest of the staff if they had anything they could donate for the ladies. Additionally he was able to make arrangements to accommodate both Annie and Thandie at vacant Nox properties whilst a more permanent solution was made for them. After the generosity shown by the partners of the properties, we thought perhaps our other partners would like to help. We then put together a campaign allowing them to donate if they wanted to. The response was resounding. Whilst a number of our partners had donated directly to the various charity and action groups that sprung up, our partners generously donated R33,900.00 to the cause. Each donation was received with a message of well wishes and the hope that the situation would be sorted out as soon as possible.

Hearing what was happening Richard, the founder of Nox Rentals, committed a R25,000 company donation to the efforts to help the ladies and the others affected.

In the end, we were able to get both Thandie and Annie back on their feet. They were able to replace nearly everything that they had lost in the fire and get new accommodation. Both ladies were ever so thankful to everyone who helped them and overwhelmed by the support they received. Many thanks to everyone that helped in any way.

Thula Thula Youth day groupAfter helping out the ladies within the Nox family there was still just under R49K that we donated to the Thula Thula foundation. They had been involved from the start of the crisis, but also do charitable work outside of this crisis and we felt they were a good recipient. We did not only contribute financially to Thula Thula but some of our staff got involved with their distribution day on the 16th of July (Youth Day) where the organisation gets volunteers to assist in handing out donated goods to the families in need. We know their work is unending and we hope that our contribution will go some way to making the lives of our fellow South Africans better and providing those that are helping with the tools to do so.

It is always great when you see communities come together in times of strife to help one another. This situation was no different. For once it didn’t matter who you were, everyone felt affected and the joint actions of those in Hout Bay and the support received from groups like the Nox partners and Nox family made a quick and effective response to the fire possible.