Sundowners in Cape Town

We really do live in a beautiful City and it amazes me every day.

Every morning on my way to work I drive over Kloof Nek and the view never fails to take my breath away. Cape Town has some wonderful spots to stop at and take in the view, but better still I thought to share with you some of my favourite places to dash to and enjoy the sunset.

You’re probably thinking ‘that’s rather romantic’ – well it is!

So make sure you take someone along with you, pack some snacks, perhaps even some wine and make sure you visit at least one of these places when you’re in the fairest Cape!

Cape Town sunsets…

We’ve just come out of winter and are heading into summer, so the sunsets are pretty much guaranteed to be amazing! Having said that, winter has blessed us with some wonderful sunsets

Signal Hill

Might be a bit of an obvious one, but it’s one of the easier ones to get to. There are usually plenty of people around, so you’ll be very safe. The view from signal hill at sunset is absolutely magnificent. You can take in the entire City Bowl, the harbour and then (if you take a little walk) you can see right around to Green Point, Clifton and Camps Bay. The twelve apostles often reflect a warm red and the sun literally sets right in front of you. As the sun sets, the City lights start to ‘wake up’ – it’s really something you want to make sure you get a picture of! There’s nothing quite like it!

Chappies – The Look out and Cave

Chapman’s Peak drive is essentially a 9km route, with 114 curves, which leads from Hout Bay through to Noordhoek. What you need to know is that this road is tolled if you choose to go all the way to Noordhoek. You can however get a free pass to head to the pic nic spots (there are several along the way) and to the look out. This is without fail one of the most beautiful views ever! Sheer rock face drops into the ocean, you can see for miles – it’s mesmerizingly breath-taking! I happen to know if a cave just below the lookout point and you’ll most likely see the odd local arrive, climb over the railing and disappear out of sight. I don’t recommend trying to find the cave on your own, but if you happen to find a local then have them take you! It’s absolutely, insanely beautiful!

Blouberg Beach

If you happen to have spent the day driving up the west coast, you might want to linger around Blouberg Beach until sunset. I’d personally recommend the Blue Peter – It’s essentially the epitome of the perfect beach scene… long white stretch of sand, beautiful coastline, Table Mountain setting the stage in the distance …enter the sunset and watch the show. It’s all lights bouncing off the ocean, reflections dancing along the mountains, windsurfers flying off the waves…light sea breezes, great company and some world famous south African wine – you really can’t go wrong! And the best part? There are some brilliant restaurants along your way home for you to stop at before you make your way back to the Atlantic Sea Board… I really should tell you more about Wang Thai, what a great restaurant! That will just have to wait until next time!

Happy Sundowners everyone!

** Note: Cape Town Metro Police are clamping down on drinking and driving. Make sure you stick to just that one glass! It’s tough, we know but at Nox we promote responsible drinking and driving!