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Visiting Cape Town is fun!

Visiting Cape Town is a lot more fun if you get to experience it like the locals.

If someone tunes* you ‘Howzit* my bra*’, don’t be surprised. Cape Town has its very own dialect and it simply means you were seen as one of the locals.

So, as a tourist in Cape Town you may wonder where the locals hang out. Ag man*, relax, there are plenty of great things to do in Cape Town!

I love my laundry

Let’s start with a local laundry that doubles up as an eatery. With three branches in the city, I love my laundry offers a great laundry service to visitors who simply don’t feel like doing their own laundry in their luxury vacation rental.

So, you can mos* take your laundry to them for excellent same day service. While you are there, enjoy the interesting décor, browse to buy locally made greeting cards, trinkets, sweets and eats, grab a coffee and feast on their kiff* dim sum.

Find them at 59 Buitengracht Street, Heritage Square; 14 Bree Street, Cape Town and 50 Buitenkant Street, East City.

Braai* like a boer*

Your luxury vacation villa will have a barbeque area, so here is your chance to do exactly what the locals do: braai.

Go to the nearest supermarket and buy a pack of boerewors* and lamp chops. Buy a bag of charcoal and firelighters and you’re set.

Ask the wife to make the slaai* and stick a garlic bread in the oven. You are set for a braai* to remember.

Jol* with the hipsters

If it’s time to shake things up, head to The House of Machines. Not only a coffee shop, it also has a must see custom bike shop (La Macchina Speed Shop), a bespoke apparel showroom (Thom), and a bar (Prohibition).

Basically, it’s a lank* cool spot to be seen. Located at 84 Shortmarket Street.

Live it up with the laanies*

If you’re looking for a beach party, don’t be dof*. Go to The Shimmy Beach Club. This nightlife hotspot is situated at the V&A Waterfront and is the Mother City’s very own world-class seaside club that sits right on the water’s edge.

The club has its own private beach, a large alfresco deck, lounge, champagne bar and a sparkling rim-flow pool. Plus, it is kiddie-friendly during the day.

Situated at South Arm Road, V&A Waterfront Harbour.

Gatkruip* in the city

Eish*! Most locals will deny being gatkruipers*, but with the new Underground City Tours Tunnel, it may just become a must do activity.

Explore parts of the underground canals and rivers dating back to 1652, which were used to supply the passing ships with fresh water. These tunnels, approximately two metres in diameter, are under the busy streets of Cape Town and now help with storm water drainage and channel fresh run-off water from Table Mountain into the sea.

Tours are accompanied by a qualified guide and a professional rescue medic and each explorer gets a permit and a hard hat.

Cape Town Dictionary

  • tunes – tells you or says
  • howzit – greeting used by most, means hello and how are you?
  • bra – or bru, slang for brother
  • ag man – oh man
  • mos – Afrikaans, implies that what has been said is well known or self-evident, obviously
  • kiff – great, wonderful
  • braai – barbeque
  • boer – Afrikaans for farmer
  • boerewors – sausage made from beef, pork and spices, ideal to barbeque
  • slaai – salad
  • jol – to party
  • lank – very, a lot
  • laanies – fancy people
  • dof – stupid or slow to understand
  • gatkruip – literally means crawling in a hole, but can also mean sucking up to someone
  • eish – exclamation form, means the same as golly or oh my
  • gatkruipers – people who suck up to others

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