Posted on 10/28/2011

Bellabaci Massage at Yemaya Spa

Cupping. Youre thinking about baking right? Wrong. Its a new fad in massaging. Celebs are already endorsing it. And I was lucky enough to be invited by Yemaya Spa to experience it first hand. Yemaya Spa is situated in Mouille Point, in a perfect location right on the beach front.Before my appointment I did a little bit of social research into this new technique. I was warned to expect bruising! Not exactly the ideal reaction I was hoping for when I bragged to my colleagues and friends about my invitation.The team at Yemaya explained that Bellabaci Massage (which includes cupping), is great for detoxing and blood circulation. Great. Everyone needs a detox every now and then. I was invited for a back massage, however I can only imagine how great this technique is on your thighs. The idea behind cupping is that the cups create a suction that lift your muscles from your bones, and attract blood flow to those areas. By doing this, it creates better circulation which improves everything from sore muscles, cellulite, stretch marks and spider veins.Pumla, my therapist was amazing. She was calming and attentive and very informative. She used a lot of massage oil, so I would recommend going for an evening session, when you dont have anywhere to be afterwards. (Yemaya is open until 8pm daily!)The reason for the oil is to allow more suction from the cups, and to make the cupping therapy more comfortable. The massage was incredible. A great balance between relaxation, and deep tissue massage. I left feeling like my body was still healing itself from the improved blood circulation. I did have a couple of round bruises on my back - but this is from the suction of the cups, bringing the blood to areas that needed some attention. They went away after a couple of days.For information about the Bellabaci Massage, you can call Yemaya on 021 439 2266.Nox Rentals guests get 10% off on any therapy or treatment from Yemaya Spa.
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