Posted on 1/28/2016

Best for business short-term accommodation in Cape Town

When in Cape Town on business, is it best for you to stay in a villa, apartment, hotel or bed & breakfast?


When travelling alone, staying in a hotel is usually not that much fun. Sitting down for breakfast in a dining room filled with holiday makers can be a lonely place.Worst still is staying in a B&B where well-meaning hosts make small talk while all you really want to do, is check up on the morning's news and markets while enjoying your breakfast.This is where a luxury villa or self-catering apartment gives you the freedom to enjoy your own company while away from home on business, making a private villa or apartment the idealshort-term business accommodation option in Cape Town.


Your early morning doesn't have to involve a fast because you didnt have time to wait for the breakfast service to start at a hotel or B&B. Stock your fridge with breakfast items of your choice in your upmarket apartment or villa, and help yourself when you are ready.Apart from being able to come and go as you please, a luxury apartment or villa also offers you the facilities to entertain friends or business associates at home at the end of a busy day. You can arrange a chef or caterer to prepare cocktail snacks or meals at your villa or apartment.


If you have free time between meetings, the private space afforded by a luxury villa or apartment is unbeaten. While hotels and B&B's usually do offer ample relaxation areas, single travellers may not be keen to share this space with rowdy holidaymakers and hordes of children running around.


Daily servicing, 24-hour concierge services, 24-hour maintenance services, free Internet, satellite television and complimentary toiletries are associated with upmarket hotels and B&B's.However, did you know that renting a luxury villa or apartment also include all of these? In addition, personalised arrangements can be made for transport, chefs and grocery shopping when staying at selected short term accommodation villas and apartments in Cape Town.


Parking is available at most hotels and B&Bs, but in Cape Town you may need to wait for your car to be delivered to the hotel front door. Parking is convenient (and often direct access) at upmarket villas or apartments in Cape Town, conveniently giving you the freedom to decide when you want to head out without the wait.


Let's face it, upmarket hotels and B&Bs can be pricey. Staying in a luxury short-term villa or apartment is often a more economical choice, without the business traveller having to compromise on any of the conveniences afforded at hotels and B&Bs.Only you can decide on your best short term accommodation option for your next business trip to Cape Town.If you haven't stayed at a villa or apartment yet, maybe it's time to try it out. Browse ourvarious short-term accommodation options in Cape Town.
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