Posted on 8/3/2017

Cape Town winter activities for the whole family

Coming to Cape Town for a family holiday in the Winter season can be just as much fun as coming in Summer if you know of the right places to go. Even if there is a storm outside there are warm places indoors to keep you entertained. Below are some restaurants and activities we think are great to do with the family in the winter season.

Clay Cafe Hout bay

Clay Cafe - Hout BayThis is a great way to spend time with your family. It caters to people of all ages and there is even a small cafe that has snacks and drinks while you are enjoying being creative. You also get to keep the items you have painted which is a great momento of your holiday and they are normally ready in about a week or so. To make a booking visit their website here.

Ice skating at Grand West Casino

The Ice Station- Grand WestThis is fun for everyone in the family. If you have little kids there is a small ice rink where you can keep an eye on them. There is also a large ice rink for anyone from the age of 5. The ice rink is right next to the food court in the centre of the mall so there is no shortage of food and drinks if you get hungry. To find out more visit their website here.

Driving to Ceres for the day

CeresThis is such a great activity for some good family quality time. Since you will be spending about 4 hours in the car together, this is a great time to play some favourite road trip games like I spy. Along the way there are some lovely food stalls with small restaurants where you can get great food and little South African treasures. Once in Ceres, there is fun for everyone playing in the snow, building snowmen and having snowball fights.

A few restaurants great for kids

Child friendly restaurantsPrimi Piati and Spur Steak Ranches are two of South Africa's favourite family restaurants. These restaurants boast separate play areas, where the kids can have fun (under the watchful eye of the restaurant staff members), while parents can enjoy some "us" time. These restaurants are very popular and can be found in most suburbs in Cape Town.ColCacchio restaurants, although they dont have a separate play area, on request waiters can bring small dough balls to your table for your kids to create their own edible masterpiece which will keep them entertained while they wait for their food. They also bake the things your children make for a later snack.Cafe Paradiso is a restaurant in the city of Cape Town. For a small fee your kids can make pizzas and more under the careful watch of a staff member.These are but a few of the amazing spaces in Cape Town which are friendly to families of all sizes. Keep an eye on our blog, Facebook page and Twitter account for more to come!
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