Posted on 3/6/2018

What we're doing to help save water - Nox Rentals

At Nox, we are coming together as a company and working with all our agents, partners and guests to help save water as much as possible where we can.Below are some of the structures we have put in place and are putting into place going forward.

What we've done so far

      -Linen and towel laundering is only happening every 6 days (it used to be every 2 or 3 days).
      -Dishwashers are only being used where absolutely necessary.
      -Garden irrigation is off.
      -Removed tap heads from outside taps.
      -Weve added Charlotte Rhys waterless hand sanitiser to all bathrooms.
      -Removed bath plugs.
      -Weve embarked on educating our guests and agents through extensive communications by email, SMS and in-person.
      -There is extensive in-property signage regarding the use of water in the premises.

What are we doing going forward

      -Well be buying tap aerators for all kitchens and bathrooms.
      -Well be installing low-flow shower heads (6l / minute).
      -Well be installing a flush buddy in every toilet.
      -Well be placing buckets in the showers to fill up toilet cisterns.
      -Well be placing pool covers on all pools (where applicable).
For more information on the water shortage, water restrictions and some videos from the JAMMS meeting at the beginning of the month see our blog posts here and here respectively.
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