Posted on 3/4/2015

Nox Rentals and the stompie

Yesterday (3 March 2015) Nox Rentals felt the full power of the internet when a photo of one of our bakkies was posted with the claim that the driver had just thrown a lit cigarette out of the window.

The driver behind our vehicle was furious and decided to take a photo and post it on the internet. The photo went viral and we quickly heard about it via Twitter and via friends of the company.Facebook postWe were appalled to hear of the behaviour of our staff member and quickly set about a disciplinary action. We also decided to donate R10,000 to Volunteer Fire Services as a show of good faith.The employee in question insists that he threw bubblegum out of the car (totally unacceptable as well). He did also volunteer to spend the whole of yesterday evening helping out the fire fighters in Tokai.Juan Firefighting

We are a company that loves Cape Town, loves nature and does our best to help our guests experience the very best that Cape Town has to offer. We condemn anyone throwing anything from a vehicle window, lit cigarette, bubblegum or anything else.

We hope our donation goes some way to help support the fire fighters who are giving so much time & sweat to the cause, and well do whatever we can to educate our staff and visitors about the dangers of wildfires.

Thank you all for your concern.

PS. Some people have asked for proof that we actually made a donation, so we have decided to post the proof of payment below.


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