Posted on 6/3/2011

Why not visit Cape Town in Winter.

Not only are prices drastically reduced in Cape Town's winter months, but there is actually a lot more to do than visiting the top of Table Mountain.Cape Town is very seasonal.We have a love/ hate relationship with our summer, it brings in the business, yes! But this can make the city overcrowded. The usual 10 minute drive to anywhere in Cape Town will, in summer, take you close to 40 minutes. (Our recommendation - hire a scooter)Summer is fabulous for the energy and the vibe the Mother City puts out. There is always a party, an event, and people are in a holiday mood. The city is not just hosting international guests, the rest of South Africa too flocks to Cape Town for their leave, school holidays and university summer breaks.You're not going to find a more lively place to be during December and January, than Cape Town.But from March the weather cools down, the South Easter winds stop blowing, and this is when Cape Town shows it's true colours. This year we were still lucky enough to experience hot beach days - some temperatures over 30 degrees celcius, right into May.Autumn allows us the most exquisite sunsets. And you don't have to wait in line for a sundowner while you enjoy it. Yes, the vibe is not as young and contagious as Summer in Cape Town, but Autumn and Winter brings about a relaxed, "earthy" atmosphere that gives you the opportunity to appreciate the truly beautiful surroundings Cape Town is located in.On a beautiful crisp winter's morning in Cape Town you can smell the ocean as the North breeze sweeps over the Atlantic. Or you can head out to the Southern Suburbs, where there are loads of hikes and trails to keep you energetic. You'll need a jacket because the air is "nippy", but after a couple of climbs or kilometers you'll warm up and start to appreciate the fresh air on your skin. And the best thing about a morning walk, run or hike, is afterwards enjoying a hearty Tasha's breakfast or delicious Vida hot chocolate.One the best things for a local in winter, is we get to experience our city at half the usual price! Accommodation and restaurants advertise the most affordable deals which makes it silly not to take advantage of them. From R20 ($3) breakfasts, to R50 ($7) dinners at some great restaurants and cafes in and around Cape Town.Nox Rentals offer a Luxury, fully equipped and secure 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment at R3 500 ($500) per night in peak season. In winter you'll get this accommodation at R1 600 per night ($228). (Sleeping 4!)Yes, the chances of you getting up the mountain are slimmer because of the weather, but Cape Town will always suprise you. Just when you're dressed in your jacket, scarf and boots to go for a walk along the Pipetrack that overlooks the Atlantic Seaboard and Twelve Apostle mountain range, the sun will come out and you'll want to go relax and soak up the winter rays while enjoying a Kilogram of prawns for R99 ($14)!And I haven't even started on the Winelands... that's another a blog post for another time. This weekend, Capetonians and our lucky visitors will be enjoying the South African wines and live music at Robertson's Wacky Wine Festival!Persuaded yet?
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