Staff member Clint Chalmers

Clint Chalmers

Clint was originally a “banana-boy”, having grown up in the tropical heartland of Kwazulu Natal, but was lured to the Cape by "thoughts of swirling estate produced wine,
whilst watching the waves of 2 different oceans, whilst sitting on a mountain". He doesn’t ever intend on leaving.

His career started with Hotel Management, over years and through many iconic establishments, and then diversified into travel and tourism, setting up operational structures on contract and spearheading logistics to keep many-faceted organizations running smoothly. Most recently he was the Operations Manager of an extremely busy Adventure Lodge in the Namibian Desert, where
his 2 dogs and occasional paddling trips through the Richtersveld (in that order) helped keep him sane.

In addition to his dogs, he has 2 children, who he says are cherished despite being more expensive, generating more laundry, making more noise and being significantly less well-behaved than
their 4 legged siblings.

He joined the Nox team in November of 2021, where his experience in service-centric operational planning and management is helping to support the Ops team.