Cape Town’s best kept secret for November is: Europa House

You may have noticed that we often highlight our favourite spots to go grab a bite to eat or to enjoy a cup of coffee… well! We’ve recently discovered that one of our favourites… previously known as ‘Marcelinos’ has expanded!

They now go by the name ‘Europa House’ and are a bakery with so much more! – 210 Loop Street, Cape Town


I must confess, I have been following the baker around a bit…. anyone who remembers the original Zerban’s Bakery will understand me! I realize I might be giving away my age a bit, but back in the day Zerbans was The bakery to visit! As with all things, this was sold and Gerd Zerban (yup, the Baker and very same brilliance now in Loop Street!!) decided to travel the world, spreading more deliciousness in the form of eight ’Hot & Crusty’ outlets in Manhattan (specifically). Eventually Gerd returned to Cape Town, set up the bakery side of New York Bagels in Sea Point (among other things) and now we find him behind the counter at the Europa Cafe.


I can only compliment the coffee shop – they are quick, their food is freshly made and the overall vibe and decor is totally comfy/quirky!

I went in there the other day to grab a quick take-away lunch and I am very happy to report that it was deliciously  filling and totally great value for money!

You know how you are warned against shopping when hungry? Well, same thing applies here really! Freshly baked breads, cakes, pies, rolls and more – you are bound to walk out of there a very happy person!