Posted on 9/11/2017

Our Guide to Kalk Bay

Kalk Bay is a beautiful sea side villageabout 20 minutes out of the city. It is a fishing village and has a harbour where locals and fisherman can go to fish. As well as the harbour there are lots of restaurants with some of the freshest seafood and other tastes. Furthermore the village has lots of shops from vintage dealers to new budding South African designers. Another great thing about this place is you can take a trip on the train straight into the heart of the village. Keep reading to find out more about this great village.


Kalk Bay restaurantsWith everything from seafood to Mexican this little village has a taste for everyone. Below are 5 must visit places.

Harbour House

I've written about this one before in our Blog Post Our Top 6 Romantic Restaurants in Cape Town. This restaurant is right on the waters edge of the harbour in Kalk Bay and has some of the best food around!


This is a local favourite and has the freshest and best prepared seafood in the village. So if you're looking for a great Slap chips and Hake this is the place to be.

Brass Bell

Capetonians drive from all around to visit this restaurant. Featuring live bands and a festive vibe paired with great food. Not to mention it is located on the rocks of the ocean with some of the best views around.

Cape To Cuba

Together with the spicey Mexican offered here you can drink some exciting cocktails. The decor is something out of this world with bright colours, chandeliers and loads of flowers. You really feel like you've left Cape Town and headed straight to South America.

Olympia Cafe and Deli

Pop in here for some of the best coffee and cake around. One of Kalk Bay's oldest and most famous cafe's has loads to offer. What's more there's great character and the bakery hosts brilliant local Jazz talent.


Kalk Bay shopsNow be sure to take your wallet with you when you visit this town because you will definitely find something to buy. There are Art galleries, local designer shops, a flower shop and more! Additionally there are vintage shops selling everything from jewelry and clothes to decor and furniture. You're sure to find a hidden gem to take home.

Things to do

Things to do Kalk BayKalk Bay has a fantastic theatre which hosts some great local talent. Also, you can take a walk around the harbour and buy some delicious local fish to take home and braai. Additionally there is a smaller quiet beach in the harbour to swim and play at. One of the best things about this beach is that it's in the harbour so there are no big waves. There are also some brillaint hikes, namely the Amphitheatre and Boomslang Cave hikes. If you enjoyed reading this guide have a look at Our Guide to the V & A Waterfront
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