Posted on 8/10/2017

Women's Day Run - "We Give Back"

The 9th of August is Women's Day in South Africa. On this day we celebrate all the women of our beautiful country and remember the struggles they have been and are still going through. To read more about the history of this day click here.This year (2017) a group of ladies from the Nox Family decided to get involved in the Total Sports Women's Day race. We all banded together and ran and walked to show support for each other and our fellow women. One of my favourite things about running a race like this in Cape Town is the comradery between strangers and the new friends we make along the way. See some of our pictures below. Women's Day race

How we Gave Back

We managed to raise R1,400 for Leap Schoolfrom colleagues, family and friends. This amazing programhelps support and educate the youth of our country in economically disadvantaged areas. Theprograms start from High school kids all the way up to tertiary education. Those who have graduated can give back to the younger generation. They have extended school hours and even Saturday classes enabling kids to get to the classes they can. Leap also has a social development organisation giving back to the communities they work in.
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